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  • Đoàn Information

    For our regular meeting, We meet every Sunday morning from 9 to 11 except on holidays. Members are encouraged to stay and attend mass following the meeting.

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  • Miền Information

    There are tons of events throughout the year for all members, field trips, training camp, HT retreat, Bổn Mạng Miền, Đoàn Anniversary, bonding time, and much more.

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  • TNTT Trung Ương Information

    Information regarding general TNTT questions, what to look for in us, yearly schedules and CTTTDS outline, events, field trips, training camp, & retreat for every group will be updated daily.

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Đoàn News

  • Nghi Mua Dong

    Our Doan will have a winter break until February 2017. Watch out for announcement and information when to come back. Have an awesome winter break and safe holiday!

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Ngành Info & News

Come and Join Us!

We always welcome everyone, new and old members, please come and check us out every Sunday from 9AM-11AM in the church basement.

11812 New Hampshire Avenue 
Silver Spring, MD 20904

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